Thursday, 28 March 2013



Looking back at my preliminary task I have gained experience with using different types of software to make my edit look better.
This is the first video that I have ever made on Final Cut Express:

With this prelim video I can identify many faults with in the film, the suspense scream that you hear in the first 10 seconds of the film was not imported within our piece we played it on YouTube while we were filming and then quickly got back into character.

Another fault is that when we enter the room the body is in I am on the right hand side of my partner but then suddenly on the left hand side. This disrupts the continuity a film is suppose to have within their two different shots. We tried to make sure that these glitches did not happen again especially for our final thriller opening piece.

This was my first rough edit, after watching the clip below I will then talk about things I needed to improve.

My second rough edit does have some improvement however there there were still major improvements to be made.

This is my third rough edit.

This is my fourth rough edit.




While filming our piece we used a range of tools and software's to make our video the best that it could be.


  1. Cannon Camera EOS 1100D 
We used this camera to film our opening, the Cannon camera is a digital SLR with a 18-55 zoom lens. It also includes 12.2 megapixels, sensor, HD video 720p and a ISO speed range 100-6400.

2.  Tripod

A tripod is a three-legged frame, and stabilizes the camera that u can fit on top of it to give a much more steady shot than if it was handheld. We used a tripod for most of our shot as i think with the tripod the quality of the film looks much better.

3. Light Reflector

A light reflector was used to direct the light and reflect it so all features are present in the video. The diagram on the left shows you how it works.


  1. Final Cut Express 
Final Cut was designed for advanced video editing, its is only used on Apple computers. Before starting this media project I was unaware of how to use final cut and did know what to do, with a little help and guidance I quickly picked up how to put a piece together of film together which was quite easy. Then i was shown how to cut out clips and add audio to my movie, not a long while after i was able to add special effects such as slow motion and fading to my sequence. Final cut was difficult to use as I was new to it and not familiar with the keys. If I was to use it again I would of get thing done much more faster as i am now familiar with most of the important keys. 

2. After Effects 
After effects is used to create motion graphics and visual effects, the main interface consists of several panels. The three most common panels are the project panel, the composition panel and the timeline panel. I used After effect for the titles of my film. The font cracked and having it flickering as well as glowing was all done on After effects. It was not very hard again to use After Effects but again because i had not used it before it took me a while to get in to the hang of where all the keys are especially when exporting the titles.

3. Garage Band

Garage Band is a streamline music sequencer that can enhance a audio with various affects. I used Garage band to make and outside noise so that when my character leaves the house you hear the non diagetic sound of the music coming from inside the house as well as it being clear that he is outside.

EVALUATION Question 5:


The way we attracted our audience was by making them fond of our soundtrack Rolla - They Know, this would help them get familiar with the movie and also make them more interested if they know the song. We did have enough money to further advertise our film is it was a low budgeted independent film. However, if we did have the money we would make sure our film would go around social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, we would also design billboards on buses and in train stations  to get more pf the public eye.

Wednesday, 27 March 2013



From the results of my Questionnaire I was able to collect quantitative data which showed that the ages between 15- 20 had a particular interest in films with drugs, crime with a thriller twist. This then made it easier to direct my film and aim it at a specific target audience. Having a much younger age group to target gave me the freedom to use violence and drugs in my film.

In my film when the group of guys kidnap the girls, their really rough and snappy at them, this is similar to the film Adulthood especially from when they break in to other peoples houses very violently and harshly.

Researching BBFC guidelines a i was able to have my film certificate rated 15 because the film contain strong violence, frequent strong language, sexual activity, sexual nudity, discrimination and drug consumption of drugs. Both the movies Kidulthood and Adulthood were rates 15, so we knew exactly what our film would be rated in terms of the content in it.

While I was carrying out my self report study, i also gathered some information by asking my audience whether the film being rated 15 was okay. They agreed with it as the film fell into ever category a 15 rated film would fall under. There was a debate with the audience whether the film should be rated 18 or 15. We chose 15 because the result coming we gained from the questionnaire  the majority age that enjoyed the background and genre of our film were an average age of 15-18, if we had rated the film 18 these ages would not be able to see it unless they were 18 or over.


Pate Productions distributed our film to all cinemas excluding IMAX cinema's. I have researched the production company we used and they have also produced Kidulthood and Adulthood, this showed that i had picked the right production company to use as they have previously used the same type of genre to distribute. This particular production company produce low budget films, this is because with some films such as ours its not very hard to find characters and a location, they usually use is the easier option. The Pate president quoted "Our ultimate goal after creation is to bring these works to theatres where audiences can experience and enjoy the fruits of our collaborative labors."  In terms of marketing, viral marketing would probably be the best strategie. This means that the public will know about our films through networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr or being advertised on MSN homepages. In Kidulthood ans Adulthood there soundrack was a big way of the films becoming well known, grime artists such as Lethal Bizzle, Dizzy Rascal ans Stystie  produced tracks for this film, their tracks were released before the film was released this allowed the audience to beme familiar with the music and either like or dislike it so that when they hear i in the film they would automatically be pulled in.

Monday, 25 March 2013

EVALUATION: Question 2

According to a survey a 89 males and 122 females attended to see Kidulthood, this show that the film appeared to more females, this could probably be because females relate more to alcohol, drugs, school bullying. Our film represents how most teenagers spend theirs day.
We used a range of different shots in the film, this was done on purpose to add extra adrenaline to the film to build suspense.

Saturday, 23 March 2013

EVALUATION: Question 1

In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

The 8 selected screen grabs of the all contribute in different ways to develop and challenge forms and  convention real media products as its includes the title of the film, the setting and location is also shown, costume and props, camerawork including editing and finally how the characters are introduced.

Frame one: How the characters are introduced

The two characters are introduced in a mid-shot of the second shot of the film, already by looking at the shot you can see the two girls in the picture on the left are in a small congested room doing drugs. From this the audience already build up a bad impression of the girls as they are not well behaved or responsible as they seem to be wasting their lives away on drugs. The two girls are placed in the center of the of the frame this signifies the importance of the two roles the characters play. The two characters shown are the main characters older siblings, you could debate on who the main characters are as is does seem a bit confusing at first, our main aim was that the two little children were the main characters in the film. In some film you can distinguish the difference between the protagonists and the antagonists. Usually protagonists are wearing quite dark clothes preferably the colour black, but in this case because of our genre the film was set on it did not matter what colours either the two types of characters wore, the two girls therefore in the shot were able to wear any colour clothing as you can see in the picture the girls here are not dressed in a particular colour, this screen grab is from one of the film we were inspired by, Kidulthood.

Frame two: Setting/ Location

The room is a suttle red giving a calm mellow and also a suspicious ambiance. This was done by using a red plastic sheet called Red Gel, this sheet managed to block the white light and reflect red light in order to turn the room red.

It was very hard to choose the location and setting of our opening as we wanted to match exactly the setting the film Adulthood used. Their location was filmed in and estate and around it which looked a bit like the picture on the right. We didn't match the location exactly. However, we did shoot out opening of a thriller film in a similar environment, with the help of a family member we able to find the right spot and surrounding to shoot our film in. Our setting was located in a local area, we filmed in and out of a  one bedroom house flat which was a perfect size and surrounding for it. Due to confidential circumstances I am not able to show a exact picture of the house but it looked something like the picture on the left. You can also see a bit of the house and the drive way in this screen shot of the antagonist leaving the car.


Frame three: Costumes and props


During the duration of our film opening we used many props, they include:

  • Flour
  • Used cigarettes/ Electric
  • Dill
  • Wine
  • Ash tray
  • Lighter
  • Bank cards
  • Cash notes
These props were used inside the flat in a room, we set its out on a table which looked something like the picture on the right. This was quite a long process to set up as we wanted everything to be perfect in order to look good. My partner and I were very pleased with the outcome of setting up the equipment was quite good. Again we were inspired with the scene of  Kidulthood when two girls probably the same age as us were doing the same thing. The props we used portrayed a certain image on the girls showing, that they both are very irresponsible and involved in that 'hood life' which is largely revolved   around drugs, violence and money.


To represent the genre of our film the characters had to dress in a particular way. This involved clothing such as hoodies, baggy jeans, tight leggins, big puffy coats. and a branded item. As you can see in the picture on the left, this character is wearing baggy jeans, a puffy jacket, a Ralph Lauren beanie and a Gucci side bag. This is very similar to the characters in the film.

Frame four: Camera work and editing

To edit my video sequence i used a range of different tools on a software called Final Cut. One of the types of tools I used to improve the quality of my film was fading in order to do this I had to use Final Cut Express. This software allowed me to use many different tool, including:
  •  Fading 

  • Cross fade

  •  Garage band


Frame Five: Title

My Title was created on After Effects with the font cracked, we changed our title quite a few times. It was originally going to be a graffiti font but, from feedback i gained the information that that type of font did not look right with the film and it was also quite hard to read it clearly. The title is also placed at the center of the screen to indicate the importance of it and make is stand out from the titles as they were of a smaller size and now always places in the center of the shot.

Frame Six: How the opening is set up

In our opening it was mainly focused on the two little children. Their older siblings were in the room next door consuming drugs, a in intruder then enters the house and hides in the toilet straight away after getting a quick glace at the people in the house. The girls guardian at the time then takes out money hidden under the mattress of the bed. Once he leaves the house he is then suddenly attacked and taken into a car. The people who just attacked him then sprint into the house and kidnap the girls and takes their Cocaine. The two little children in the room next door hear the screaming of their older sisters and hide in the closet. Once the girls and the kidnappers are gone the man that was hiding in the toilet then comes out, goes into the room the children are in and opens the closet door. The audience are left in suspense as to what might happen next as the last thing they see in the children's faces looking worryingly at the camera.

Frame Seven: Special Effects

A special effect i used in my opening was slow motion. This was done my changing the speed of the scene in that particular moment where i wanted something to slow down or speed up. I chose slow motion for this particular scene because it made this scene stand out of the rest of the secquece and it also related to the convention of thriller films and the audience then realise something bad is going to happen which would make them sit on the edge of their seats.